Deluxe Soap Package- Citrus Mix


By The Soap Bar.

A beautiful mix of facial and body soap bars put together exclusively for Garzie + May

Made right here on the Sunshine Coast by our lovely friends at 'The Soap Bar'

This Pack Includes:
Hemp - Hemp Seed Oil is rich in a balanced profile of essential fatty acids; essential to support healthy functioning of the skin - with Sandalwood Essential Oil for an added touch of luxury
Calendula - Calendula infused Olive Oil, Calendula Extract and dried Calendula Flowers for a gentle soap. Perfect for babies or sensitive skin. Unscented
Citrus Poppy Scrub - Uplifting and invigorating, exfoliating poppy seeds leave your skin soft and fragrant with a fresh citrus blend of Mandarin, Tangerine and Lime Essential Oils 
Gold Rush - Lemon Myrtle, Clary Sage, Lavender and lime- With a Copper mica/Russet oxide swirl
Gentle Facial Cleanser - Cleopatra used milk for her creamy complexion. We use Goat’s Milk with ground Oatmeal and nourishing Manuka Honey to feed and hydrate your skin. This soap is unscented and can be used all over the body
Citrus Splash - A Refreshing and revitalising blend of sweet orange, lemon and rosemary essential oils. 


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